Dallas Mavericks

Is Brendan Haywood Already the Best Mavericks' Center Ever?

No, but he's close.

Not that the Washington Wizard-turned-Maverick hasn't played impressively in his first four games in Dallas (10.8 points, 8.8 rebounds), but it says more about our sad history than his play, doesn't it?

Haywood, part of last week's trade that sent Josh Howard packing and made Caron Butler a Mav, blocks shots, he clogs the middle. He attacks the rim.

Not saying he's the second coming of Bill Russell, but the Mavs' list of great good decent big men is a short one ...

1. James Donaldson - Only All-Star center in the team's history.

2. Roy Tarpley - I know he wasn't technically a center, but he was big. And good. And frustrating.

3. Erick Dampier/DeSagana Diop - Two-headed sorta monster got Mavs to Finals in '06.

4. Brendan Haywood - Could've sworn I saw him catch a pass and - with no dribble, mind you - go up for a two-handed dunk.

5. Kurt Nimphius/ Pat Cummings/ Lorenzo Williams/ Wallace Bryant/ Uwe Blab/ Bill Wennington/ Greg Dreiling/ Loren Meyer/ Evan Eschmeyer and, of course, Shawn Bradley - Yuck.