Stuff That Ain't Really Sports Stuff

It’s Friday! Time for, um, Foreclosure Talk?

Ugliest kind of scoreboard.

I realize this is waaaay off topic for our little sports blog extravaganza, but I think this is worth a bending the rules.

In case you haven’t heard, our economy sucks. There’s a housing crisis. We put our house on the market last October and got exactly 0 offers in 60 days. My wife once worked for this company, so we know first-hand about the subprime mortgage collapse. And shoot – like I bet you do – we have a handful of friends facing foreclosure.

A noted Dallas consumer advocate/investigative journalist/hardcore sports fan just may have the solution.


Benjamin Dover says his new Void My Mortgage reveals legal loopholes to help homeowners combat “predatory lending” and find a way out of what might appear to be an eternal bind. He’s getting some good pub here and here.

I admit, I don’t know a good ARM from a decent ERA. But the guy gave me great advice on how to handle a shady pool company years ago.

Just sayin’. -- Richie Whitt