Dallas Cowboys

Roy Williams Crowns Saints, Then Guarantees Cowboys Will Beat Them. What?

I'm starting to think Dallas Cowboys' receiver Roy Williams is just kind of kooky. The Hook 'em Horns sign after rare touchdowns. The game-day Michael Jackson outfits. The, um, contradictory quotes.

Williams was at his nonsensical best yesterday at Valley Ranch, telling reporters in the same breath that the Cowboys had no chance of winning and no way of losing.

"Might as well crown them, right?" Williams said with more than a hint of saracasm. "They're undefeated. It's December. We don't have a chance."

Like too few of Williams' on-field routes, this rant featured a savvy double move.

"This is a two-round fight, and this is just the first round, in my eyes," Williams said. "I don't know about everybody else, but I think we're going to see this team in the playoffs down the road."

And, finally, a bold prediction.

"If we pack our bags and show up in New Orleans on Saturday night," he said, "we should be victorious."

If you're scoring along at home, Williams says the Saints are so good that the Cowboys have no chance, but they'll beat them if they show up Saturday and will play them again in the playoffs. Capeche?