Dallas Cowboys

Return to Sender?

Right this way, sir. To the end of the punt-return line.

Jim Leonhard. Brian Witherspoon. Leodis McKelvin. Syndric Steptoe. Michael Bumpus. Buster Davis.

Give up? Those, believe it or not, are just a handful of the 45 NFL players that are better punt returners than the Cowboys’ Pacman Jones this season. Of the 50 players that have returned a punt, 90% of them have a better average than Jones’ miniscule 4.2. He’s returned 11 for 46 yards, with a long of eight yards.

That’s right, he ranks 46th. Last I checked there were only 32 teams.

What gives?

All this consternation over his off-field behavior. But so far, Adam’s also been a perfect gentleman on the field, politely falling down seconds after catching most every punt as to not make all the other players chase him around. How sweet.

In his last full season in 2006, Pacman led the NFL in punt returns with a 12.9 average and three runbacks for touchdowns. He also had four interceptions, one for a score. Shit, in camp he at least dazzled us by catching six consecutive punts without putting down a single ball.

But here we are, 1/4th through the season and still – patiently? – waiting for Pacman’s first signature play.

So far it looks like Pacman is trying to break 11 tackles on every punt return instead of just sprinting ahead for as many yards as possible. Which is fine, if every now and then, or at least once, he takes it to the house.

Maybe, on second thought, he needs to visit a you-know-where and get a you-know-what to get his mojo back.

Until then, where have you gone Kelvin Martin? -- Richie Whitt