Radio, TV and that Damned Media

Good Ol’ Southwest Cuisine

When your dad starts yapping about "back in the day", this is what he's talking about.

Wanna see something cool? I know where you can jump in a time machine.

Back to the days of 57-cent gas. Back to the days of Kern Tipps. Back to the good ol’ Southwest Conference.

Giving props to the Texas Sports Hall of Fame’s new Southwest Conference wing which will open later this summer in Waco, Fox Sports Net Southwest is showing old football highlights, starting with the conference’s 1963 season and Texas’ National Championship tonight at 10. FSN’s SWC Legends is a series of 30-minute adaptations of old highlights, spiced with new interviews.

It was a better day when Tipps called the SWC and this guy called the Olympics. Re-live it. Sorta. -- Richie Whitt