Sooner or Later You Knew I’d Get Around to Pro Rasslin’

Now, and only now, I've earned the right to call this joint The Sportatorium.

Just got my grubby little hands on Gentleman’s Choice, a new documentary by Dallas film producer Mickey Grant. Better late than never, those of you who stumbled onto this site looking for professional wrestling vignettes will be rewarded.

Through extensive interviews and gold-mine footage, Grant tells the tale of former wrestler “Gentleman” Chris Adams. If you fondly recall the ‘80s heyday of the Von Erichs, Bill Mercer, Bruiser Brody, matches with shaved heads at stake and sellout crowds from Texas Stadium to Reunion Arena to the Cotton Bowl to, yes, even The Sportatorium, this ditty is a must see.

Of course, the flick is just as much as about Adams’ demise as a drug addict as it is his rise as a wrestler.

“I don’t want to get pigeon-holed into people thinking this is a wrestling movie,” says Grant. “It’s more of a human tragedy.”

But if you were/are a wrestling fan, you won’t be disappointed.

Along with the details of Adams head-butting an American Airlines co-pilot while in the air over the Atlantic Ocean and fatally spiraling into alcohol and drug addiction, there are interviews with Kevin Von Erich and Gary Hart and countless vintage segments featuring the mullets, muscles, horrible acting and uncomfortably tight Speedo trunks that almost made wrestling a "sport".-- Richie Whitt