March Madness

March Sadness: How'd Your Bracket Get Busted?

Cornell in the Sweet 16? Called it.

St. Mary's upsetting Richmond and Villanova? So nailed it.

Um, and then there's the rest of my NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket. I lost two of my Final Four over the weekend, but have nine of the Sweet 16 in play and my winner (Kentucky) is still alive.

I'm winning the fierce competition at 105.3 The Fan, but not much else.

As for our Prez, he went 15-1 on the tournament's first day but has since lost Villanova in the Final Four and eventual champ Kansas.

How's yours?

If you had the Jayhawks winning the whole thing - as about 43 percent of all ESPN users did - you have Northern Iowa to thank for the extra bird-cage liner today.

Just wondering. Upsets make for great TV and all, but I bet they're ultimately bad for the tournament. As in, the casual bracket fan who had Kansas or Pitt winning the thing is ex-interested as of this morning.