Dallas Cowboys

Are You Ready For Some (Preseason, At Least) Football?

Tomorrow night this officially becomes last season.

With about 50 of the team’s 53 roster spots locked in, there’s been little competition at Cowboys’ training camp. With coach Wade Phillips’ “Camp Marshmallow” approach, there’s been little hitting. And with team leaders like Terrell Owens, Tony Romo and DeMarcus happy, healthy and heartened by fat contracts, there’s been little controversy. (What, you’d rather live in Green Bay these days?)

But with the NFL’s preseason schedule kicking off this weekend, we finally have some football.

Just for grins, the Cowboys will take a four-hour Amtrak train ride to San Diego for tomorrow night’s opener against the Chargers. Though Romo and the first offense will play only about a quarter, there are reasons to tune in:

Pacman Jones’ first NFL action since 2006. Rookies Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins, who will start at cornerback. And, of course, it’s our first chance to see if free agent Danny Amendola is going to be Wes Welker or merely Mike Iuzzolino.

Besides, what else you gonna watch? Surely not this? -- Richie Whitt