Dallas Mavericks

Boston Three Party

In retrospect, last night's title was won last summer.

Three things I guarantee after last night watching the Celtics, not surprisingly, beat the Lakers for the NBA Championship:

1. Kobe Bryant isn’t, in fact, Michael Jordan. In the clincher, he went 22 minutes between baskets.

2. Coaching, I repeat, coaching is the most overrated aspect of sports. Last year the Celtics went 24-58 and missed the playoffs under the guidance of Doc Rivers. This year they acquire Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, and suddenly we’re supposed to trumpet Rivers as some sort of genius? I don’t think so.

3. If, and hopefully when, Dirk Nowitzki finally leads the Mavericks to a title, his post-game celebration will be much more classy and coherent than Garnett’s. The Celtics’ star screamed that he was “certified”, that he was on “top of the world!” and – in a bizarre channeling of Joe Namath – told ABC’s Michelle Tafoya “you look good tonight, girl.” W. T. F.?! -- Richie Whitt