Texas Rangers

The Best Texas Rangers News You've Heard in a Long Time

Don't remember if the Texas Rangers have ever had an owner with as grand of a vision as Chuck Greenberg.

Have no idea if it will help them pitch, hit or finish better. But, regardless, it's nice to hear an owner recognize where he is and what his should strive to be. As in, not a penny-pinching team satisfied with attracting crowds over winning titles.

Q: Will the Rangers spend like a big-market team?

A: If the organization is doing all of the things it ought to do in all facets of the operation, this franchise should be able to operate like a big-market team. When you look at Anaheim and Philadelphia, they are smart, clever, have resources and use them wisely. Those are types we can emulate.

You are gone, Tom Hicks. But you are soooo not missed.

(In related news, pitcher Ben Sheets signed not with the Rangers but rather the A's. Hmm.)