Dallas Cowboys

My Photographic Farewell to Texas Stadium

I never claimed to be a great writer. Even a worse photographer.

Nonetheless, armed with an iPhone and a life's worth of memories, I'd be honored if you'd allow me to take you on a tour of Texas Stadium's final night.

Follow me. Right this way.

Here it is. The house that Tex Schramm built and Tom Landry turned into an icon. 

Everybody is nostalgic. Even, um, Santa Cowboy and his elves?

Let's go in for one last spin around the joint, shall we?

The most famous tunnel in sports.

Check out the walls. Every Super Bowl championship logo. Inspirational, no?





Five "World Championships", in case you're counting.

Out of the tunnel ...

Into arguably - Yankee Stadium? Wrigley Field? Wembley Stadium? The Parthenon? - the most famous sports theater in the world.

I'll miss this view.

And this one.

You-know-who's favorite peep hole.

Let's take a lap. Through the end zone.

Shoot, it's the last game, right? How about into the end zone?

Stars on the wall.

Stars (Deion) on the field.

Bigger stars (Staubach) on the field. 

Stars (Emmitt) on the NFL Netwook stage.

Even some Cowboys you haven't thought about in a long while. 

If only this bench could talk, oh the Cowboys' tales it could tell.

Hey look, there's Jerry.

 The Ring of Honor. Remember those three guys?

Or him? 

No Ring of Honor is complete without The Man in the Funny Hat.


The Stadium Club. Where Roman royalty sit in their pristine, protected environment and demand to be entertained by spartan gladiators.

 Gotta head up and actually do some work. Toward the tunnel.

Butt, you know I have to check out the cheerleaders first. Yeah, it's cold. Still, thumbs down on jackets. 

Up the tunnel.

Past the Cowboys' locker room. Through that door has walked Landry. Jimmy, Staubach, Dorsett, Too Tall, Irvin, Lilly ...

Up to the press box ...

Into my seat ...

National Anthem ... player intros ... balloons ... and ... action!

Somehow, these Cowboys lost this game.

Dead Man Talking?

 For the last, harsh time, a fallen star. 

Ouch. Texas Stadium's tombstone.

Next stop, Arlington. - Richie Whitt