Dallas Mavericks

Dirk Nowitzki Goes on Drinking Binges? You Don't Say!

Still amazed that the Mavericks won the NBA championship. Still surprised they did it without a playoff point from Roddy Beaubois (who should be ready for 2011-12 training camp in October after another foot surgery).

And I continue to be miffed at how little the sports world really knew about the Mavericks in general and Dirk Nowitzki in particular.

For example, Monday's belated buzz was "Dirk went on a drinking binge back in '06!" If that was news to you, then ...

Welcome to the bandwagon. But you haven't been paying attention.

Have you?

Nowitzki sat in front of the fire, strumming his guitar and sipping his whiskey straight from the bottle. He had stopped shaving days ago and didn't know when he would bathe next. He had been in Australia for a week and a half, even though it was May, and by all accounts he should have been somewhere else.

Tomorrow's headline today: Dirk drinks beers -- multiple -- after his hometown parade in Germany.