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Father’s Day: The Extended Re-Mix

The U.S. Open trophy will reside in Dallas. Sorta.

Since Father’s Day is all about eating and sleeping and not mowing the lawn and eating some more – oh yeah, and watching golf – doesn’t it officially spill over into today?

Thought so.

No one in sports delivers more dramatic success than Dallas golf guru Hank Haney’s pet project, and this morning, thanks to a heart-pounding birdie putt on the U.S. Open’s 72nd hole last night, we get 18 more holes and four more hours of Tiger Woods. Balky knee and all, any doubt Tiger is going to bury Rocco Mediate before Torrey Pines' marine layer burns off?

Update: Barely.

If you’re not into golf but you own a TV and wanna be drunk by noon, try this game me and some buddies stumbled onto Saturday afternoon. Pour your favorite libation. Every time one of NBC’s chatty announcers refers to another by name, take a swig.

Trust me, you’ll (Roger) be (Dottie) passed (Mark) out (Johnny) by (Roger) the (Dottie) back (Johnny) nine (Roger). -- Richie Whitt