Dallas Cowboys

Terry Glenn on the Receiving End of Cowboys’ Shenanigans

Does part of you think we may never see this again? Me too.

Terry Glenn needs a hug. And, as usual, Greg Ellis needs his blanky, his passy and, for good measure, a muzzle.

One of the most discernable announcements of football season, Ellis is again unhappy with something or another out at Valley Ranch. Insert yawn, eye rolling and dismissive shrug. When the season gets underway Ellis will be his happy, quarterback-harassing self.

With Glenn, we’re not so sure.

The veteran receiver missed 15 games last season after two knee surgeries. He played the season finale and playoff loss, but was a gimpy non-factor in each. This off-season he’s apparently re-habbed and improved and last week all his teammates and coaches were saying the right things. Terrell Owens claimed he was counting on Glenn and quarterback Tony Romo told us all that we’d be surprised by Glenn’s recovery and performance.

But now comes word that the Cowboys aren’t so convinced after all. In what might be the worst vote of confidence in the history of sports, they’ve asked him to sign a $500,000 injury settlement -- just in case the knee gives out again. Glenn, scheduled to make $1.75 million this season, is understandably none too thrilled.

It was the Cowboys, of course, who got ripped off by Glenn last year. He made almost $6 million and played, what, one quarter? But is asking him to accept one-third of his salary if he re-injures his knee fair? If I’m Glenn and my right knee shreds, I grab my left ankle on the way down and save myself a cool million.

The good news: He has leverage. Since the Cowboys didn’t acquire a receiver in the draft or free agency, they need Glenn. I’m not ready to throw the ball in crunch time to Miles Austin, Sam Hurd, Isaiah Stanback or Danny Amendola. And we saw what Patrick Crayton did in the loss to the Giants. Remember? Owner Jerry Jones is even hinting that the Cowboys might trot out Pacman Jones for some receiver reps. Yikes.

The Cowboys can still be a great team, as good as last year, without their second-best receiver. But to be better – to be a legit Super Bowl contender – they need him healthy. And happy. -- Richie Whitt