Dallas Cowboys

Let The (Real) Games Begin!

That's it, the bandwagon is over-booked.

Sent the kid back to school this morning. The Olympics are over. Josh Hamilton’s Triple Crown bid – remember that? – is just a fading, fuzzy summer memory.

In other words: Are you ready for some football?!

High school and colleges kick it off this weekend and exactly 13 days the Cowboys begin their season. Should be a historic, happy final year at Texas Stadium. The Sporting News – with Terrell Owens on the cover and the Cowboys in the Super Bowl – thinks so. So does this wack job.

Watched Cowboys 23, Texans 22 last Friday night and got exactly what I wanted. First-team offense was electric. If not for a boneheaded Tony Romo interception in the end zone, the Cowboys would’ve put up 27 first-half points. The defense made plays behind the line of scrimmage.

Four turnovers weren’t good, nor the injury to Kyle Kosier. But looks like the Cowboys will escape the preseason with no long-term setbacks. Just ask the Giants, it could be much worse.

Isaiah Stanback’s shoulder injury also prompted two thoughts:

*With Miles Austin and Stanback temporarily shelved, Thursday’s exhibition finale is now a roster-spot duel between Mike Jefferson and Danny Amendola.

*Why the hell is Stanback returning kickoffs in the first place? With Terence Newman, Pacman Jones and Felix Jones, Dallas has the NFL’s best stable of kick returners. To not put the ball in their hands as much as possible would be criminal. -- Richie Whitt