Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys 35, Lions 19: My Top 10 Observer-ations

10. Two-game winning streak be damned, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn't getting too caught up in his team's re-booting: "I want to say it again: No fan should think I'm happy with the way things are," Jones said after his team's win Sunday at Cowboys Stadium. "I'm happy having these two wins, but this has been real sad as far as our season is concerned. And we've got a lot of steps to make here but this gives us a good feeling going into Thanksgiving." Lot of folks are starting to peek at how maybe-3-7-could-be-7-7-and-then scenarios. Kudos to Jerry for his calm demeanor. Now, if the Cowboys beat the Saints on Thanksgiving ...

9. While Tony Siragusa is a gigantic waste of space on Fox, having rules guru Mike Pereira involved is a stroke of genius.

8. Before we get out Bill Parcell's infamous "anointing oil" for Jason Garrett and laud his crafty call for a free five yards via hard count that kick-started a 98-yard drive on a first possession, we must also rip him for that end-of-the-half brain burp. Inside your own 5 up 7-3 with 48 seconds remaining and with Detroit having only two timeouts, you run the clock down with three kneel downs, right? Even though it was a conservative call that led to Felix Jones' fumble and Detroit's touchdown, it was still a wrong call.

7. Garrett is 2-0. Don't look now, but it's easier to win consecutive games when opponents commit five turnovers and 18 penalties. That said, even with the gifts I don't think Wade Phillips' Cowboys could've scored a combined 68 points.

6. Buddy of mine texted me from the game talking about the ridiculously quiet atmosphere in Arlington. Then he sent the above pic to prove it. Knitting? Seriously?! Or maybe she's just showing her support for ... Jon Knitna? My apologies.

5. Regardless, two things we've learned in 2010: Dez Bryant can play; Gerald Sensabaugh cannot.

4. Because the hair is fair, the Lions got jobbed in the fourth quarter. When Ndamukong Su ripped Marion Barber down by his dreads, it should've been a legal play that set Dallas up with 3rd-and-goal from the 11. Instead, referees ruled "horse collar", giving Dallas 1st-and-goal from the 5. What could have been 24-19 ballooned to 28-19. Too bad the Cowboys are getting calls and bounces now that it doesn't matter.

3. This shit with Bryan McCann is surreal. He has the smarts guts to pick up a slapped-back-into-play-punt-from-the-end-zone and zoom - thanks to an Orlando Scandrick block - untouched 97 yards for the game-changing touchdown. That play, of course, comes on the heels of last week's 101-yard interception return. Three games in the NFL and already two career highlight plays. The Cowboys have hit big time with free agents Tony Romo and Miles Austin. Might they actually have something with McCann?

2. The Cowboys aren't headed to the playoffs nor Kitna to the Super Bowl. But those of you - you know who you are - who disagreed with those of us who said Garrett can coach and Kitna can still play, you ready to admit you're wrong?

1. Garrett's Cowboys aren't perfect, but they are refreshingly passionate. On Kitna's 29-yard bootleg touchdown that was Doug Free with a clearing block near the 5-yard line, and ealier in the drive on Felix Jones' 24-yard swing pass it was Leonard Davis rumbling 15 yards into the secondary. These are the same Cowboys, remember, that absolutely quit on Phillips.