'Tis the Season

Happy St. Patrick's Day: The Top 10 Best Fake Irish Athletes in the History of Dallas

Here's hoping St. Patrick chases away your snakes, or hides your eggs, or fetches you a pint of green beer, or whatever the hell he does.

While we try to decipher his significance, how about a list of area athletes who have a sneaky Irish heritage? Cheers.

10. David Feherty, CBS golf analyst

9. Mike Lucky, Cowboys.

8. Scarborough Green, Rangers.

7. Patrick Cummings, Mavericks.

6. Mike Keane, Stars.

5. Ed O'Bannon, Mavericks.

4. David Murphy, Rangers.

3. Pete O'Brien, Rangers.

2. Nolan Ryan, Rangers.

1. Cornell Green, Cowboys.