You Betcha

You Betcha: Week 4

See that? Over there. To your right?

That's not the money you could be saving with GEICO. It's the money you lost last year betting with Richie Whitt.

But, alas, in the spirit of persistence, stubborness and doubling down, we're back at it again in 2009. I owe it to you and myself (and my bookie) to be bigger, bolder and, yes, better than a putrid 7-10 this season.

Not sure exactly what to make of either the Dallas Cowboys or the Denver Broncos. You?

The Cowboys are 2-1; Broncos 3-0. The combined record of the five teams they've defeated: 3-12. Vegas obviously isn't buying what Denver is selling. I don't remember the last time a 3-0 team playing at home was a 3-point underdog.

Me? I don't see either offense moving the ball, determined to keep it conservative and run. Kyle Orton? No Felix Jones? I smell a low-scoring, Mile High game.

In other words, give me some under.

I started with a mythical bankroll of $10,000, courtesy of bodog Online Gaming. First of all, because their site is easy to navigate. Second, because they're based in Costa Rica and have had minimal success tracking me down in the past.

I'll analyze games/wagers of local interest each weekend and make a wager every Thursday. With any luck, by Christmas it'll be Ferraris and females for everyone.




LAST WEEK: 1-0, +$1,000

THIS WEEK: Cowboys-Broncos Under 43.5 for $2,500.