Big 12 Football

It's Snowing! In Unrelated News, the BCS Sucks!!

Drove to work this morning and - swear - it was is snowing like a mutha.

Can't confirm that a frost warning has been issued in Hades, but seems like as good a day as any to try and fix the broken, busted, bad BCS.

My Observer bloggin' buddy Dave Faries has his plan, and I think you'll agree it beats the heck of our current system.

Dave, take it away ...

This system rewards conference champions (so no whining from Boise or the MAC). Large conferences with two divisions send the winner of each division. The number two team from the Big 10 and Pac 10 will usually go, as well. By emphasizing conference titles, we may eliminate those damn cupcake non-conf. schedules.

Anyway, the teams are seeded based loosely on the AP rankings (hell with Harris or the Coaches poll). This is the bracket as it stands now. It may, of course, change.

Drum roll ...