Dallas Cowboys

T.O. Must Go?

ESPN's Ed Werder says today that your Dallas Cowboys are seriously considering releasing Terrell Owens.

Dallas' Only Daily's Jean-Jacques Taylor says if T.O. goes, then Jason Garrett stays.

Me? I say that the whole fiasco could be fixed by getting rid of Wade Phillips and hiring a real leader.

But what do you say: Can the Cowboys win with Garrett, T.O. and Hank Hill, er, Phillips, all returning next season?

The arguments:

Owens: He's a 35-year-old with declining skills and impact, evidenced by only two 100-yard games this season. He's a lazy route-runner with bad hands who agitates the locker-room with his personal agendas. Never wanted him in the first place. Can't wait 'till he leaves.

Garrett: I'm more inclined to believe that this year's regression from last season's record-breaking offensive performance was more a product of deteriorated players rather than a system whose shelf life somehow expired overnight. Keep him.

Phillips: The top three defenses in the NFL will all be playing this weekend. Mr Fix It's group finished 8th, not good enough considering the high-priced free agents and numerous top draft choices among his personnel. And on offense, he actually said with a straight face that Felix Jones wasn't viable in Dallas' "come-from-behind" offensive packages. Shoulda been fired right then, right there.

Jerry Jones: Of course, what we think doesn't matter one bit. Until the owner is convinced that the way to win a title is to build a team rather than aquire talent, the Cowboys will remain the NFL's biggest disappointment. Getting rid of Pacman Jones and Tank Johnson are two steps in the right direction. But don't discount Jerry's stubborness, especially when he so loves the thrill of the challenge and he just last spring invested $12 million in signing bonus to Owens.

What do you say?