Texas Rangers

Hey Rangers Fans, Cheer Up!

Last time I was out at Rangers Ballpark - which was Wednesday - it was a warm-n-fuzzy joint. Texas was winning three in a row from the Twins, fans were drinking "Blue Light Special" $4 beer. The Rangers were comfortably in first place.

All seemed well.

But now? Booing. Are you guys serious?

Despite losing three of four including the last two to the Oakland A's over the weekend, the Rangers are 7.5 games up in the AL West with 32 remaining. Their magic number has dwindled to 26. If they go 16-16 down the stretch, the A's would have go 23-10 to force a tie and a one-game playoff.

Barring an epic collapse - I know, bigger leads have been lost in shorter time - there is going to be playoff baseball in Arlington for only the fourth time in 39 years.

Given that, doesn't it seem a little harsh to be booing Cliff Lee one night and Colby Lewis the next?

Jorge Cantu? That's another story.

Weird when yesterday's crowd of 37,188 booed Lewis when he was pulled from the 8-2 loss to Oakland in the sixth inning. Lewis wasn't great. He gave up six earned runs in 5.2 innings and failed yet again to get his 10th win of the season.

But for the season his ERA is 3.61. With any sort of offense he'd be a 14-game winner. Booing?

Said Lewis, "I thought we had better fans than that."

I'm not kidding when I say this: I think the Cowboys' putrid performance the night before was the crowd's catalyst.

Now, feel free to boo Cantu. Acquired in a trade way back on July 29, he's still looking for his first Rangers RBI. And yesterday he made a defensive booboo when he eliminated the force on a grounder and essentially gave up a run.

You don't have to cheer for Cantu yet. But as good as he's been, you shouldn't be booing Lewis.