Texas Rangers

October Baseball: Commence Daydreaming

All this hubbub over those feisty Minnesota Twins and those dramatic Detroit Tigers and the dawn of the baseball playoffs slapped me sober this morning.

Ponder this, Rangers fans: Texas' 87 wins would've been enough to win the American League Central Division.

As I detail in this week's column in your friendly Dallas Observer print product, despite the bitter end in which their offense vanished during a spirit-stealing 6-13 September stretch, the Rangers' season was a success. Best record since 2004. Most hope since ... forever. With its new-found pitching and defense and anticipated matriculation of baseball's best farm system, the Rangers' table has been set and the foreplay is all but over. Next season should be the season. 

Alas, for the 10th consecutive year there is no October baseball in Arlington. Doesn't mean there won't be be baseball in our lil' corner of the blogosphere.

Baseball bloggers from throughout our Village Voice Media chain will cyber-converge on The Sportatorium this month, funneling national insights, opinions, quips and digs about the teams and series that make Fall and our national pasttime a classic combo.

You know what they say: If you can't beat 'em ... might as well be a conduit.