NASCAR, Texas Motor Speedway and Endless Left Turns

Into the Heart of the Texas Motor Speedway Tailgates... I Lived It.

Not exactly the type of skin we're used to on this blog, but intern Kelly was brave enough to meander through Texas Motor Speedway over the weekend. Her report from the mayhem and mullets ... 

I wearily ventured into the world of NASCAR last Friday, knowing I'd stick out like a sore thumb. Or worse, a Democrat.

This was a slice of society I had never before encountered in such epic proportions, an eye-opening, somewhat intimidating experience that was also a smidge scary. ("...You've taken some pictures of us, now can we take a couple of you?" Yikes.)

Let's just say that after my trip to the Texas Motor Speedway campgrounds, I've come back believing most of my assumptions about die-hard racing fans are completely true. The folks I met were good ol' country boys and girls unapologetically loyal to their favorite sport (yes, Richie, sport) and were usually drunk, or at least getting there, by noon.

Most were willing to talk, share their beverages, and even let me to climb on top of their trailers to take aerial photos. But, seriously, if I had a dollar for every camper-trailer party I was invited to return to Friday night...

Guess I'll have to rely on the photos in this slideshow for the memories.