Dallas Cowboys

Jimmy Johnson: Screw Your Thanksgiving!

Well, the former Dallas Cowboys head coach and current Fox NFL analyst didn't say exactly that this morning with Newy Scruggs and me on 105.3 The Fan. But he did - once and for all, 12th verse - emphatically deny that he'd ever consider returning to the Cowboys.

"No, I love what I'm doing with Fox NFL Sunday," Johnson says. "We have a ball on the set there in L.A. I love my lifestyle living down in the Florida keys. Doing some scuba diving, some fishing. I think I'll stick to what i'm doing.

"We'll be watching the Cowboys though. I'm still pulling for the cowboys."

Sorry, but somehow grandma's dressing suddenly lost some zest.

Johnson, of course, had equally definitive opinions on all things Cowboys. For example, Roy Williams doesn't so much suck as our expectations are unrealistic.


The expectations are too high for Williams. Wade Phillips needs to win a playoff game to be back as head coach. Jason Garrett has scaled back the offense in an effort to limit negative plays. Dave Campo is feisty and Sunday wasn't his first sideline skirmish. And as for the Cowboys? Dec. 6 at the Giants will be the biggest game of their season.