Dallas Cowboys

Keith Brooking Isn't Ready to Retire

In a related story, Dallas Cowboys fans respectfully disagree.

Well, don't we?

Brooking says he has something left in the tank, but we all saw him blocked out of the play - hell, out of the picture - on the Eagles' clock-killing, game-winning drive last Sunday.

I've seen - and heard - enough from Brooking. I'm ready for Sean Lee. For that matter, I'm ready for passes thrown by Stephen McGee to be caught by Sam Hurd and, sure, even Jesse Holley. I'm ready to see if Barry Church can cover, if Brandon Williams can tackle and if Sam Young can block.

On Sunday - for the first time since the 2004 season finale - the Cowboys will play a meaningless game. Officially eliminated from the playoffs, their noon kickoff against the Washington Redskins is, other than draft implications, absolutely irrelevant.

This season should become next season. Right now.

But just so we don't hurt his feelings, Brooking can still offer his laughable pre-game speech.