Dallas Cowboys

Terence Newman's Non-Story Story

Ah, the Dallas Cowboys' off-season. A time to blog about ghosts and running and iPhones and, of course, the Dallas Cowboys.

Thanks to Terence Newman, there's even fresh meat to chew upon in between Terrell Owens' departure and the NFL Draft's arrival.

Short version: Troy Aikman questions whether Tony Romo has yet fully grasped what it takes to be quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Zing! Then Newman, who's shown in the past that he's bold enough but not quite bright enough to be team spokesman, does a sit-down with Channel 8's Joe Trahan and criticizes/questions/comments upon Tony Romo's celebrity and relationship with Jessica Simpson possibly/maybe/kinda negatively affecting his play and role as a leader. Double zing!!

That much is clear.

Except to, of course, Newman, who yesterday afternoon went on with 105.3 The Fan's Ben and Skin to call his story "no story."

"I was not taking a shot at Tony in any capacity," Newman said.

"There was no story there," he continued.

Of course it's a story. With T.O. gone - a "Romo-friendly" move in the words of owner Jerry Jones - this is Tony's team. And now the star cornerback is questioning his leadership capacity. Earth-shattering? No. Newsy? You bet.

Saying his comments have been misinterpreted - huh? - Newman said he might limit his media access this season. Moral to the story/no story: Don't talk about another man's woman. Unless, that is, you're a smartasss blogger.

And speaking of Romo, anyone else think it's chicken shit that he hasn't publicly commented on T.O.'s release?