Cotton Bowl

Sad Week for the Cotton Bowl

Better days, my friend. Better days.

If you ever met former Cotton Bowl Association Executive Director Jim Brock and he greeted you with “Hoss” – in other words, if you ever met him – you realize the significance of his passing.

Brock, always ready with a cigar, a back slap and a “Hey Hoss!”, never met a man he didn’t like. And I’ve never met a man quite like him.

As for the old stadium he so passionately promoted for decades? Would you believe Texas Southern vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff?

While Jerry Jones and the Cowboys amass their Roman Coliseum to the west, Dallas continues to scarf up the scraps. Previously, of course, the Cotton Bowl trumpeted the arrival of East Central State (Okla.) vs. Texas A&M-Commerce.

$50 million in renovations and we can’t even attract a team without a hyphen.

Though, according to this fable in Dallas’ Only Daily, landing the “major sporting event” is a “coup.”

Sad. Just sad. -- Richie Whitt