Texas Rangers

You've Got Questions, Ron Washington Has Answers

Let's make this simple, shall we? Sat down with Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington yesterday here in Surprise and asked him what I thought were some pertinent questions.

Allow me to paraphrase, in the spirit of keeping this short and sweet in the wake of last night's 3.5-hour, come-from-ahead 11-10 exhibition against the Colorado Rockies.

Q: Neftali Feliz, starter or closer?

   A: Starter.

Q: OK, if Feliz starts then who closes?

   A: Don't know, but I don't think we have a reliable closer on our roster other than him.

Q: Will Michael Young be a Ranger on Opening Day?

   A: Yes.

Q: Is he going to be a decent first baseman if need be?

   A: Of course.

Q: Who's your center fielder?

   A: Julio Borbon.

Q: Aren't you a better team with David Murphy in the lineup?

   A: Where?

Q: Left field?

   A: That puts Josh Hamilton in center, where he'll play like a wild man and run into a wall and get hurt. Can't have that.

Q: But isn't Josh a wild man in left, on the bases and everywhere in between?

   A: Decent point. But there's lots less ground to cover in left.

Q: Are you prepared to predict a Rangers' return to the World Series this season?

   A: We'll be ready to play April 1. Other than that -- (wait for it) -- you never know how baseball gonna go.