Texas Rangers

Moneyball My Ass. The Oakland A's are Flat-Out Embarrassing.

The much-anticipated movie Moneyball opens in theaters next week. Perhaps the Oakland A's should insert Brad Pitt into their give-a-shit lineup, because he can't be any worse than what they're currently trotting out there.

Didn't see a lot of Texas 8, Oakland 1 Sunday because I was fixated on Jets 27, Cowboys 24. Looks like C.J. Wilson was again an ace, getting his 16th win. Adrian Beltre hit his 300th homer. Nelson Cruz will be back Tuesday and the Rangers' lead in the AL West is 2.5 with 15 remaining. Magic number down to 14.

All good.

Would be even better if the Rangers had more games against the A's. Seriously, has Texas ever faced a more harmless lineup?

Oakland on Sunday boasted a batting order in which no players were hitting more than .270 and that featured five of the nine batters below .200. Insane. You see better teams in spring training B games.

The A's have three more against the Rangers and six more -- starting tonight -- against the Angels. They could be spoilers.

But if they're gonna start teams with only four regulars like Sunday, they'll simply be forgotten as the 2011 punch line.

Somehow Anaheim is 1-5 in Oakland this season.