Dallas Cowboys

Is Vince Young the Biggest Waste of Talent in NFL History?

When Vince Young singlehandedly beat USC in the 2005 BCS National Championship Game, he climaxed a sparkling college legacy and seemingly paved his way to NFL stardom.

But with yesterday's announcement by Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams that Young would be traded or released, Young officially became a bust. As a first-round pick with unique athleticism and a winning record as a starting quarterback, getting released is almost an unthinkable achievement.

He just might be the biggest waste of talent in NFL history.

Young has no leadership skills. No work ethnic. And, evidenced by his strip-club skirmish in Dallas last summer and his pads-throwing incident with coach Jeff Fisher this fall, no clue.

In a word, he's playing himself out of a job because he's ... lazy.

He hasn't improved his reading of defenses. His footwork still sucks. His throwing motion remains flawed. Young plays and acts like a kid who thought he'd waltz into the NFL and shrug off tacklers and responsibilities as easily as he did at Texas.

And please stop with all the "Cowboys should sign V.Y.!" nonsense.

Two words: Ryan. Leaf.

Big. Strong. Gifted. And, yep, horrible.