Radio, TV and that Damned Media

So ... Will the Sheets Hit The Fan?

With the New York Mets signing Oliver Perez, the Texas Rangers' chances of landing free-agent pitcher Ben Sheets just got stronger. Likewise, their radio signal for 2009 is also beefed up.

The announcement that Rangers' weekday games will be broadcast on 105.3 The Fan means that 110 of Texas' 162 will be in crystal clear, high-definition radio on a 100,000-watt signal that can be heard from Waco beyond the Red River. KRLD 1080 AM, which has broadcast the Rangers' games on its 50,000-watt signal since 1995, will retain the club's weekend broadcasts.

So, The Fan is keeping its weekends open. Hmm, wonder why?

I have a guess.

Team called the Dallas Cowboys ring a bell? Thought so.

Not that 1080 AM's signal is chopped livuh, but if you're a Rangers' fan this is exciting news, no? Finally, summer night baseball in FM.

Better yet, Eric Nadel returns with new partner Dave Barnett, which should make for a terrific pairing in the booth. The 30-minute pre- and post-game shows remain intact, as does Mike Ogulnick hosting Rangers Replay after the game.

The Fan's first game - one of its 15 during spring training - will be Feb. 26 against the Kansas City Royals from Surprise, Arizona. The Fan will broadcast the season opener, April 6 against the Cleveland Indians in Arlington.

Look at it this way, the Rangers never got to the World Series on AM.