Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo Talks a Little Tougher. A Little, I Said.

While waiting for Tony Romo's sitdown interview with Channel 11's Babe Laufenberg last night I learned a couple things.

On The Grammy's, that Robert Plant and Allison Krauss are, like, together. And over on NBC5, that Roy (Safety) Williams is willing to move to linebacker.

What'd I learn once Romo started talking?

That someone has talked a little sense into the Cowboys' quarterback and that he's sounding a little more like a leader and a little less like an apathetic shrugger.

You can watch watch the entire interview here, but to surmise Romo's thoughts:

Appearing with no backward cap, longer hair and a fuller face - hmm, wonder how that happened? - than we last saw, Romo said ...

*He's glad his head coach is coming back. "I think bringing Wade back was a great call."

*Unlike me, he believes the 61-year-old Phillips can indeed change his coaching stripes and get tougher. "The boss can change. He's just gotta have players believe in it."

*He called criticism of his supposed lackadaisical practice habits "not fair."

*He labeled the accusations that the Cowboys lacked leadership "kinda dumb." "A great leader is someone that wins," Romo said. "What, you want me to yell at everybody and then all of the sudden we're going to win?"

*He, not surprisingly, shrugged off his critics. "I date someone who gets ridiculed pretty often as well."

*He wants Terrell Owens back. At least I think he does. "I think everybody on our team wants everybody back." Sounds more like a cop out than a ringing endorsement, eh?

*He promised that fans would see a tougher, better Cowboys' team in 2009: "We're going to have a different mind-set."

*And, finally, he tweaked his tune about the importance of winning a Super Bowl: "If I'm lucky enough to win one or two Super Bowls I've had a good career."

Small steps, Cowboys' fans. Small steps.