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Video of the Week: SOC's Fame Over Shame

I'm only half-kidding when I ask this: Was it worth it for South Oak Cliff High School to change the grades of three players - including McDonald's All-American Darrell Arthur - and win back-to-back state basketball championships in 2005-06, only to have the titles later forfeited?

At the time SOC's wins were screaming, front-page news, while last week's formal forfeiture was merely a subtle footnote buried amongst the brieflys on page 8. I know the stats from the '06 game are officially "expunged" and that the records will indicate a 2-0 final score, but I'm betting the "victory" feels ridiculously hollow to the kids from Fort Worth Dunbar.

Two more questions:

*How is it that the players - including Arthur - are totally innocent?

*How is it, as the Kansas TV report asks, that Arthur kept up at math at KU when he couldn't pass at SOC?

Discuss amongst yourselves.