Dallas Cowboys

Should Tony Romo Re-Shuffle His Deck?

Something's up with the Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

Tony Romo's not the frolicking, free-wheeling player we fell in love with back in 2006 and '07. These days he stays in the pocket. He sulks on the sideline. Most importantly, he sucks in the game.

It's different. And it ain't better.

It's like when you started dating the girl and she surprised and pleased you with g-strings and heels and erotic massages and filet mignon. Then, couple years down the road, you came home to a woman on the couch reading Elle magazine in footie jammies who grunted a barely audible greeting while you made your own cereal for dinner.

I've been a huge Romo defender. I was all atwitter over this Romo-friendly 2009 season. But if he's going to stand in the pocket, miss receivers and make bone-headed decisions, the Cowboys are going nowhere fast.

I read that former girl-toy Jessica Simpson cast some witchy spell on him. I dunno, times are drastic, maybe it's at the point he ditches current girlfriend Candace Crawford and find her old phone number. Or, come to think of it, didn't the height of his success come during flirtations with Carrie Underwood?

Our brother blog in Denver pointed out last week that other attractive options abound. Or, better yet, maybe Romo should sneak off on a date with old mentor Sean Payton.