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This Just In: American Idol Sucks. Seriously, They Missed HER?!

I don't watch American Idol because I  don't believe in American Idol.

Other than Carrie Underwood and (sorta) Daughtry, the "winners" don't really become rock stars. Simon's about to leave for Ellen. What the what? But mostly, I just think the show jumped the shark when it started fabricating contestants.

I think the "Pants on the Ground!" sensation is choreographed orchestration, not bolt-of-lightning happenstance. And I just roll my eyes when I see supposed wanna-bes signing Tiny Tim and prancing around the stage like a precious, giant rabbit.

And then I hear about the real talent that American Idol misses, and I know for a fact the show is all style, no substance.

The "Dallas auditions" episode is tonight on Fox. Here's who you won't see ...

Cherisse Symonds.

I've seen the 17-year-old student at Dallas' Bending Oaks High School sing the National Anthem before games played by the Dallas Desire, FC Dallas, Frisco RoughRiders and even prior to the North Carolina-Texas college basketball game back in December.

She's performed at Skye Bar, Hotel Capri and will tomorrow night play her guitar during an acoustic set at The Ranch in Las Colinas.

She's good. She's pretty. She has stage presence.

She didn't even get a sniff during American Idol auditions back in June at Cowboys Stadium.

"She didn't get out of the first group, never got in front of Simon," says Cherisse's father, Stace. "I've seen some of the people going to Hollywood and she's better than all of them. It just makes you wonder what they're really looking for."

At the audition, Cherisse went into a curtained stall with three other contestants and sang "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone" for one minute before two male, college-aged judges.

None of the four in the group got an invite to the next round.

Turns out American Idol is also the biggest loser.