Then Maybe They Can Show the Fight on Cowboy Stadium's Big Screen in 3D

Boxing promoter Bob Arum should be in Arlington some time 'round about, oh, now, as he and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s manager, Richard Schaefer, and HBO Sports president Ross Greenburg visit with Jerry Jones to see what he's willing to part with in order to bring the Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight to Cowboys Stadium on March 13. So says ESPNDallas's Calvin Watkins, who notes that "a source close to the talks said the Cowboys might have to offer close to $15 million as a site fee and possibly split the live gate to get the bout."

To which Sporting News responds this morning: "That site fee, if given, would be the largest in boxing history. With up to 100,000 seats available for an event in Dallas it is very possible that the event will break all previous records for live gate." If, that is, Arum can be convinced not to hold the fight in Vegas. Side note: Is Jerry Jones really considered "flamboyant"?

Update at 9:39 a.m. Thursday: So, that trip didn't happen after all. And what happens in Vegas -- which is to say, big-money boxing -- appears to be staying in Vegas after all.