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Has N9NE Steakhouse Closed? Nothing Official, But ...

Early this morning, Christina Hughes Babb wrote on the Advocate's blog that N9NE Steakhouse in Victory Park sent its employees packing last night. Nothing official, just the word of staffers who found their way to Kenichi last night in search of a drink or a job. It's been a difficult story to confirm this morning, which hasn't stopped the tale from spreading here and here. Unfair Park just spoke briefly with Wade Hampton, marketing director for N9NE, who says he cannot comment ... not just yet. He promises to call back shortly with an official statement.

Dustee Tucker, who handles media requests for Ross Perot Jr.'s Hillwood, told Unfair Park this morning that "this is the first I've heard of that, so I'll have to check that out. I just don't know if that's true or not." Dave Pelletier, director of corporate communications for Hillwood, is on his way into the office; his assistant says he will call as soon as he arrives.

Matt Pulle, while working on his cover story about Victory Park last week, had heard word that the eatery was on its last legs. But only last month, N9NE signed up (a very bored-looking) Mike Modano as its spokesman; at the same time, it began offering a "$45 in 45 Minutes" pre-game menu,  which apparently was no deal at all.

Will update accordingly.