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Are You a "Pretty-Handsome Harvard/Yale Type"? Then Listen to Your Friend Billy Zane. He's a Cool Dude.

A Friend of Unfair Park who's in The Movie Business read yesterday's item about Fox shooting The Deep End in Dallas and forwards along this note: Producers are in need of extras. Which is why he sends along this casting-call notice for "20 regular extras" willing to work on the ABC-TV mid-season replacement for cheap thrills till filming wraps in mid-November. Alas, there are myriad requirements, among them:

Some of the regular extras will be aged 25-35, very pretty-handsome, Harvard/Yale types and a sprinkle of 35-40 professional/distinguished types. They will all play lawyers.

They will be selected by the director and producer Garry Brown as regular featured extras and work 5-6 days of each episode. The pay will be $58 over 8 hours and time and a half for over-time.