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"White Pants" Car for Sale

Jim Schutze would like to make it known that the 1972 Chevy Camaro featured on the poster for the movie The Night of White Pants is for sale. It belongs to his son Will, but he's got a new ride now--a pick-up "in keeping with his new maturity," Jim says. "Also I hate it. It sounds like a Boeing 707 from five blocks away." Despite that enticing sales pitch, the car is a collector's item...or will be? After all, the Camaro's prominently featured throughout White Pants, which was written and directed by Dallas-born Amy Talkington, a noted maker of short films till now. Talkington shot her first feature-length release in East Dallas and at the Double Wide last year with a cast that includes the very Oscar-nominated Tom Wilkinson, Texas-born Nick Stahl and Selma Blair, who, I am sure, would love me if she ever met me. (And she will.) The movie, which has a heavy Dallas-centric soundtrack, debuts tomorrow at the Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan, so hurry now and send Jim your very best offer. --Robert Wilonsky