In Which Jim's Not Jealous of Laura Miller at All. Not One Bit. Why?

Under the headline "Refined Refuge," Traditional Home has come up what we news types here in Dallas might consider a pretty decent scoop. They have a story that answers the question: Where the hell has Laura Miller been the last year? Feathering her nest, looks like.

The story is all about Miller's North Dallas mansion and the extreme makeover she has been carrying out there during the last 11 months. A person I know who has a very practiced eye for this sort of thing tells me that our former mayor probably has been exhausting herself just writing the checks. Apparently this particular old house re-do was not done on the cheap. Take a gander.

Like the mayor, her house is very put together and buttoned-down. It's quite eye-opening. And beautiful.

Just for the sake of comparison, since Miller was my predecessor here at the Observer, I am also providing a snapshot of my own home workplace, in which I am now sitting and pondering what the difference is. How come her place looks like that and mine looks like this? Huh?

Oh, I know.

I should have married Steve Wolens when I had the chance!

I jest, of course. I am very happy in my own union and in my own abode, be it ever so humble. Very nice portrait of Miller with her kids at the end of the piece. They look as comfortable in Windsor Castle as I am in the hound master's cottage. --Jim Schutze