Tonight on Channel 13, a Trip Back in Time to Nowhere But Texas

I know -- this is very last-minute. But, if nothing else, you will have a second chance to catch KERA-TV's second installment of Nowhere But Texas if you miss tonight's airing, which begins at 7 p.m. on Channel 13, natch. There's a Saturday-morning rebroadcast at 11:30, and it's worth a peek at any time, because, as you'll see in this trailer, it's a nifty trip in the Wayback Machine featuring the Big "D" Jamboree at the Sportatorium, the Women's Air Force Service Pilots out of Sweetwater back in WWII and Fort Worth's Masonic Home football team, the Mighty Mites. --Robert Wilonsky

Nowhere But Texas from Dallas Observer on Vimeo.