If You've Ever Wanted to Host a Show on The Ticket, Here's Your Big Break. Seriously.

Whilst combing through the Internets for an Unfair Park item, I just came across this job posting: "Host Ticket Top 10 (Full-time) Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket." No kidding? I called Jeff Catlin, operations manager for Cumulus Radio Dallas, to see what the what -- like, did Chris House get fired? Nope, says Cat: "Chris House is leaving the business -- he's gonna be a cop."

So, then, this is for reals? Indeed, says Cat -- only, he reminds, this isn't just a show-host opening, but a "heavy production" job that involves not only editing a day's worth of material into a two-hour show but also delivering those three "tickers" per hour while serving as board op. "You're not Mike Rhyner," he says. Still. So if you don't like your gig, apply to Rich Phillips. That wasn't the question.