First, a Better Block. Now, Better Parking.

When Cliffdwellers were rating and debating the Bishop/Davis Land Use and Zoning Study, Bike Friendly Oak Cliff had but one significant demand: "allow businesses to supplement the zoning requirements for car parking with bike parking," per this morning's post on BFOC's website. Because, see, citywide there's been this ongoing issue with parking-space requirements demanded by City Code, as in:The city says you need so many, which becomes a problem for interested investors looking at old buildings constructed in the days of streetcars, say. Which is but one small reason why the city is, at this very moment, in the process of reviewing its parking regulations. Has been for months.

Anyway. Writes Jason Roberts this morning, the newly opened Oddfellows in Bishop Arts has done put a bike rack where cars used to park -- the first time anyone's done such a thing in Dallas, he says, and we'll take his word. He writes: "The space that formerly held a single vehicle now can accommodate up to 10 bikes. We'll be seeing more of these installations in the coming months, so stay tuned!"