The Average Dallasite Wasted 59 Hours of Life in Traffic Last Year

As a recent transplant to Dallas from Austin, where I apparently spent 76 hours in 2013 banging my head against a steering wheel, I have little sympathy for Dallasites. But traffic is traffic is traffic, and it sucks in any form.

TomTom, the company responsible for most in-car navigation and GPS systems, released a report today that listed the top cities in the western hemisphere for traffic congestion. While Dallas didn't fare terribly -- it's the 39th worst city for traffic congestion -- the statistics are still pretty grim.

DFW drivers waster 59 hours sitting in traffic last year, 56 of which were probably on 635. They were an average of 21 minutes late per hour while driving during peak periods, Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons. The best times for driving were Friday mornings and Monday evenings.

In the face of these statistics, some of you might be tempted to ditch the car and take up public transportation. Or walk to work, if you dare. Some of you might choose to bike, if you don't mind helmet hair and being assaulted by rogue paintballers.

Most of you, though, will do the sensible thing and just keep angrily driving. May we suggest a good podcast or two?