Townview Parents Ask Dallas ISD Not to Overhaul School Without Board Approval

Speaking of public eduction and whether or not the Dallas Independent School District can split Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center without the school board's OK ...

A missive just arrived in the Unfair Park in-box that was sent today to the DISD board concerning plans to restructure Townview and cut five of the seven principals. It's signed by those who head the myriad Parent-Teacher-Student Associations and Site-Based Decision Making committees at the magnet, including Kyle Renard (who most recently ran against Edwin Flores for the District 1 seat) and Jim Kipp (a member of the Citizens Budget Review Commission).

The seven signees echo the sentiment of trustee Carla Ranger, who insists Superintendent Michael Hinojosa can't make such sweeping changes at Townview without the board's consent -- which administration officials dispute. They are insisting the district "not implement the changes at Townview without parent involvement and board approval," among several other demands.

The whole letter follows.

Letter to Dallas ISD Trustees (4!21!11)