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The Great Gordo and the Earnest Hemingways

This morning, I stumbled across this freshly posted video of The Hemingways performing at the Rhythm Room on August 21, 1991. This gift was bestowed upon the Internet by one Doug Baxter, lead guitarist for the group and, apparently, its chief archivist. But you're no doubt more interested in the bespectacled lead singer, who would grow up to become Gordon Keith. I asked Gordon for his thoughts on this I-love-the-'90s flashback. He sent this:

First of all, I hopefully predict this video will get no more than 48 hits. Secondly, after brief examination, I am left with one question. What evil optometrist allowed me to walk out of the Lenscrafters with those on my face? Looks like two transparent salad plates bound by baling wire. This footage looks like it was shot at the now-defunct Rhythm Room, where we often played with pop poppins, Moon Festival, or Tripping Daisy. I do miss the debauched days of the early 90's when looking like Andy Partridge wasn't a crime, just a bad look. In the end, The Hemingways broke up over a girl, and that girl saved the world from a lot of iffy music. Thank you, Edie Brickell. The drummer and I still love you.
Update at 6:27 p.m.: Michael Gruber was kind enough to send along today's Hardline discussion about this piece of musical gold, during which Gordon makes an appearance. You know who's a fan? Mike Rhyner.