Look, Man, Jerry Jones Is Really, Really Sorry

No doubt you're well aware of the snafus that threatened to turn the most-watch-anything-ever Super Bowl XLV into The Game That Made a 9-Year-Old Boy Cry when he and his father were among the 1,200 denied access to those temporary bleachers that weren't. And maybe you noticed: After being everywhere the week leading up to the game, Jerry Jones was nowhere to be seen immediately afterward. As Dunham and Miller pointed out this morning, you'd have thought Jerry would have wanted some of the spotlight; instead, he slunk into the shadows.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has said the 400 or so displaced fans will get free tickets to the Indy Super Bowl. But from the Dallas Cowboys, we get only a statement from the Cowboys' owner and GM in which he addresses The WeekWeak That Was. Read the whole thing here, but this is the relevant excerpt:

Cowboys Stadium was designed with the versatility to be fully capable accommodating the number of seats that were scheduled to be in place for Super Bowl XLV. The stadium configuration was part of the Host Committee bid that was approved by the NFL owners in 2007. The NFL, the Host Committee, the Cowboys, and the City of Arlington worked closely to ensure as safe and as enjoyable experience for as many fans as possible.

The incomplete installation of temporary seats left a limited number of sections unusable for yesterday's game. Manpower and timing issues caused inconveniences to some fans. At the end of the preparations, approximately 400 fans attending the game were not able to watch from those installed seats. We deeply regret their Super Bowl experience was impacted by this error, and we share that responsibility with the NFL.

We will also continue to work closely with the NFL in its complete review of Super Bowl XLV.