The Daily Show Sends Jason Jones to Get to the Bottom of Dallas Gay Divorce Case

No doubt you recall the October ruling from Judge Tena Callahan of Dallas County's 302nd Family District Court, who said there was no good reason for the courts not to consider allowing two men married in Massachusetts to divorce in Texas. To which Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said, Oh no you din't. And, no doubt you recall one of the two men (still going by J.B. in the media) went on Good Morning America with his attorney (and former Dallas County Sheriff candidate) Peter Schulte to proclaim, Look, I'm no pioneer, just a dude who wants a divorce. Right, you remember that.

Three months later, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart revisited Callahan's ruling -- which is still working its way through the appeals process -- by sending Jason Jones to interview the would-be gay divorcee and his lawyer for a segment on last night's show titled "No Gay Out." Not the funniest bit in the world -- Jones, who did some excellent work reporting from Iran, is very hit or miss -- but worth a mention this morning, which is why it's available after the jump. Best part: Schulte's reaction whenever Jones pretends he's one half of the divorcing couple.

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