Willie Nelson's Big Tank of Gas

"No, don't see it, Willie. You sure you tossed it out the window?"

A Friend of Unfair Park who recalls my former obsession with any story dealing with Willie Nelson and his BioWillie fuel -- which, of course, is produced by Dallas-based Earth Biofuels, which is in the midst of restructuring as it's been a financial mess since jump -- sends two links this a.m. One's for the Willie Run 2008, which kicks off September 22 in midtown Manhattan, from which two drivers in a Volkswagen Diesel Jetta fueled by BioWillie will take off for Los Angeles -- and "they won’t stop to refuel or even for bathroom breaks," hot damn. Word is, it could become a full-fledged race come 2009.

The other link's for Jalopnik's take on the single-tank Cannonball Run redux. In short, the Gawker Media auto bloggers are not impressed. Interested, just not impressed. As in: "There may not be enough rolling paper in the world to support such an undertaking." --Robert Wilonsky