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The Theater Fire: Brilliant. And Now Very, Very, Very Generous.

A big thank-you to Pete Freedman this afternoon, as over on DC9 he's posted the new video from The Theater Fire -- which is for the new song "Uncle Wayne" off the band's forthcoming this fall Matter of Light. Which is nice and all -- like the Old 97's, The Theater Fire got 'em a teevee star to appear in their latest promotional narrative. But for those who head over to the band's mighty, mighty generous MySpace page, you'll also find four terrific tracks from the new record available for downloading: "Uncle Wayne," "Swashbuckler Blues" (or, perhaps, "Errol Flynn," as it appears on my iTunes), "Beatrice-Ode" and "Coyote." Or, as I now call them, the four songs I've just put on my iPod for nonstop weekend listening. --Robert Wilonsky